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‘Uber for bakkies’ droppa partners with SKYNET

On-demand courier and fleet hire e-hailing platform Droppa has partnered with express parcel and courier business SkyNet Worldwide Express, in a deal that will see the two leverage each other’s expertise to increase employment for drivers in SA.

 Droppa, also referred to as the “Uber for bakkies”, does not own the bakkies or trucks but has over 1 000 registered driver partners, while SkyNet says it brings to the alliance a network of 35 courier hubs countrywide and over 200 cities globally.

 “There is a lot of untapped potential in this space and we want to explore opportunities to create employment through collaboration,” says Tommy Erasmus, CEO of SkyNet SA.

 “We are of the view that we can change the courier services space through this partnership and significantly contribute towards employment creation, fully unlock the potential of the industry through collaboration, and contribute towards economic development, especially as our economy continues to struggle, by leveraging the new digital courier and fleet services landscape.”

 According to Erasmus, the cooperation will assist both brands to grow and create innovative solutions for courier services.

 “Droppa is known for its strength in a tried and tested smartphone package management solution, and this partnership offers innovation and tech agility to further expose both businesses to a broader market base.”

 “We’ve been very aware of our user needs, and have developed a best-in-class product that is simple to use and affordable, to enable users and receivers to track their goods from pick up to drop off point,” says Droppa founder, 33-year-old Khathutshelo Mufamadi.

Commenting on the SkyNet deal, he says: “We have been working to provide employment opportunities for bakkie and truck owners and drivers, and to focus on connecting them with clients to enable the profitability of their businesses.”

The Uber for bakkies has been on a growth trajectory in the past few months, announcing deals to grow its market share and increase opportunities for drivers.

In April, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Droppa shifted its focus to sectors rendering essential services, such as retail stores, warehouses, fresh produce farms and medical suppliers, and witnessed an uptick in some of these services.

The following month it expanded its offering, introducing an express delivery service for lightweight items within a 25km radius in just 24 hours.

The Droppa Express service caters for the delivery of goods such as food, parcels, books, stationery and other smaller items less than 25kg.


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