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Packing your Shipment

Read our article on how to pack your goods for their journey.

International Courier ServicesPacking Your Shipment

In our previous article, we covered how to choose your box, today we are going to talk about how to pack your shipment.

When sending your goods with a courier company, your shipment will be handled numerous times before arriving at its destination. 

It is vital to pack your shipment correctly for the rigorous journey that your parcel is about to take.

1. Don’t Overload your Box.

Do not add too many items or too much weight to your box. It’s always safer to pack multiple items individually (if possible) and to use more than one box if needed. This way, each piece can be adequately protected by the packaging material and the carton.

2. The Original Packaging Material/Boxes

When shipping items such as DVD players, TV’s, computers, electronics and electrical equipment, it’s best to ship these items with the original packaging. Should this be impossible, we advise you to purchase packaging material and boxes from storage companies you can always search for ‘packaging companies’ locally. 

Bubble-wrap is essential for sensitive or fragile items.

3. Using Household Packaging Material

Should you prefer to spare yourself the expense of purchasing proper packaging material, you can as a last resort use shredded paper or scrunched up newspaper. Please note though that the problem with using this type of material for packaging is it does not hold its shape and can often become compacted during transportation which creates a void inside the carton which can risk the integrity of the box making your box more likely to either be crushed or open-up during transit.

4. Protecting Your Contents

Whatever packaging material you decide to use, make sure that there is enough cushioning material surrounding the contents, so the contents don’t move around if the box is shaken or bumped.

We recommend that you try to pack at least 5-8 centimetres of cushioning packaging material all around the item. Fragile items will require more cushioning. 

Protective cushioning is vital to stop shock from the outside, passing through to the contents causing damage. Industry-standard is that all items are packaged to withstand a one-metre drop.

5. Secure Your Parcel

Closing your parcel is vital for safe transportation. Do not use masking tape, duct tape, sellotape, Scotch tape or string to close your box, preferably use wide pressure-sensitive plastic tape, which can be purchased from any packaging company and several hardware stores.

When taping the carton, make sure that you tape around the box and along the seals to stop the box opening during transit.

In our next article, we will cover how to label your shipment.


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