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Karnataka COVID-19 Update

Latest update from Karnataka, India

Please find below communication received from SkyNet India with regards to shipments to Karnataka

Today state government passed the order to close the IT & BT companies to allow employees to work from home till 1st of April, also instructed to shut all the malls, schools and mass gathering spots to avoid further more damages on Coronavirus spread, as on today 7 personal identified with positive in which 3 are from IT employees and first person death in the country is from Karnataka.

This will impact our ‘EDD’ and ‘Delivery Window’ performance very badly on ensuring same day deliveries, hence code 137 will get an update with remarks ‘Caronavirus’ for the shipments not able to attend the delivery due to this issue.

However, all the Service centres are informed to put their best effort to deliver the shipment.

Order as below even mentioned


 *Directions Issued  by Karnataka Government to prevent COVID-19*

 _Effective from 15th March 2020 for a week._

1. All malls will be closed

2. All cinema theaters wil be closed

3. *Marriages if already fixed, they have to be performed with low key (where 1000 are participating it has to be 100)*. Otherwise, new marriages cannot be performed.

4. *Naming ceremony in low key is allowed*

5. No birthdays and parties

6. All night clubs and bars will be closed.

7. IT and ITBT industrues are asked to make its employees work from home.

8. All educational institutions including universities will be closed

*9. SSLC and PUC Exams will be held as scheduled*

10. No sports events will be held.

11. All parks will be closed

12. No summer camps

13. *Government Offices will function as usual with certain safety measures.*


For Transport, only buses, metro trains and autos will be available


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