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Choose Your Packaging

Choosing the right packaging is the first step in ensuring that your shipment arrives safe and sound.

What to use as packing material

The world is a vast place, and your parcel may be handled many times by many different hands during its voyage. It is always vital to ensure that the packaging you choose to pack your goods in is the correct size for the products/goods that you are sending.

When choosing your carton or box, select a box that has enough space for your goods and some protective packaging. We do advise you to try to pack heavy items into smaller boxes; it is best to use double-walled boxes and pack lightweight bulkier items into larger boxes.

Ensure that the corrugated box/carton is sturdy and robust and that the flaps are intact. Do not use boxes that are thin, old or damaged. Please never use old fruit boxes or boxes from a supermarket.

The box mustn’t be too heavy as this may cause a few issues, namely.

  • There is a chance the box may break at the bottom.
  • It may be dropped as the weight may be underestimated.
  • Due to the weight, your parcel may be loaded into the ‘bulk freight’ section of a vehicle which could increase the chances of damage to your goods as your box is among heavy and large freight.

To reduce any risk if your box is heavy, mark it as ‘HEAVY’ in bold writing and write the weight next to it.

South Africa’s Occupational Health and Safety act state that the maximum liftable weight per item is 17kgs. Our advice is should your parcel weigh more than 17kg; it is best to break it down into 2 packages each weighing less than 17kgs.

For the safety of our staff, we would strap a carton heavier than 17kgs to a skid, which would enable our staff to use forklifts to lift the box. If your parcel can’t be packed into packages weighing less than 17kg, it is advisable that you have someone available at the pickup and delivery addresses to help our drivers load/unload the item.

If you have the original packaging of the product being sent, it is always advisable to use that packaging, especially if you still have the polystyrene protection that came with the item, as this packing material was specifically designed to protect the product.

Should you have to re-use an old box, it is best if you remove any bar-coded labels or address labels to avoid any sortation issues and delays that may arise to confusion.

Lastly, check that there are no holes or tears in your packaging and that the corner dents aren’t bent or damaged as this could ultimately weaken the box during transport.


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